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Styles Series Y2

GA3 & GA1 Files. Compatible with GA1 GA3 EA5 (and possibly EA3). If you test these files in a GA3, let us know!


Styles Series Y2

FREE Styles for your Technics keyboard. These conversions from Yamaha Tyros 3 sound incredible voiced with Technics sounds, giving you a huge new range of Rhythms from a wide variety of genres.

Each Style is a Composer file. Refer to the PDFs below for tempos.

Current Update

Check back on this page regularly, additional Styles will be added daily until Series Y2 is complete.

48 of 446 Styles

5th April 2015

If you downloaded the previous version containing the first 20 Styles please note that ALL of the Styles have been re-worked, so these 48 Styles are new versions.

Important: The later keyboards have two Intros and two endings. These Styles have one of each, to suit your keyboard. These are the shorter of the intros and endings on the later keyboards. If you are interested in another version with the longer intros and endings please give your feedback in the forums. It's a lot of additional work for me to provide another version so I'll only do that if a number of you are interested, or a few of you are extremely enthusiastic!

ZIP File - Free Styles for Technics GA3 & GA1. New Styles are added with each update.

PDF File - listing the Styles for printing or reference - FULL LIST

PDF File - listing the Styles for printing or reference - Swing & Jazz Styles