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Song Collection

Technics KN5000 Files: Compatible with KN1400 KN1600 PR602 PR702 PR902


SONG COLLECTION LIST WITH TEMPOS.pngAbout the Technics Keyboard Song Collection

Our Songs Collection has entire keyboard setups tailored to particular tunes. Some are slightly-altered Styles whereas others are extensive arrangements. Song contributions from Members are very welcome, go to the Special Projects Forum to get involved!

New Version - January 2016

Extensively enhanced! Our first two disks are now complete, with 20 great Song Styles for you! The Styles have been edited to make improvements and add new features! Now included:

  • Home Pages
  • Named Panel Memory Banks
  • Four Panel Memories per Style (80 new registrations!)
  • Named Variations
  • Improved chord recognition
  • Performance Pads set into Panel Memories
  • Split Points Re-set
  • Current Panel Settings consistent for all Styles

I've improved each Style to bring consistency to the Collection and add as many features as I can, many hours (days!) of editing have gone into these Disks to make them as high in quality as I can.

KN5000 & earlier & Compatibles

The downloads contain Composer Files only. Panel Memories an the other features listed above etc will be added in due course. Or can you volunteer to help out by adding them?

Disk 01

01 - Apache
02-  Birth of the Blues
03 - Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White
04 - Cathys Clown
05 - Desafinado
06 - Fever! & Pink Panther!
07 - Get Back
08 - Harbour Lights
09 - Hey Good Lookin'
10 - I Just Called To Say I Love You
11 - Home Page Reset (only on KN7000 disk at present)

Disk 02

01 - Let It Be
02-  Mandy
03 - Crazy
04 - Smile
05 - I Will Survive
06 - Sweet Caroline
07 - I Can't Dance
08 - You Drive Me Crazy
09 - Wipeout
10 - Tequilla
11 - Home Page Reset (only on KN7000 disk at present)

ZIP File - SONG COLLECTION Disk 01 - KN5000 KN1400 KN1600 PR602 PR702 PR902 - Floppy Disk

ZIP File - SONG COLLECTION Disk 02 - KN5000 KN1400 KN1600 PR602 PR702 PR902 - Floppy Disk

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admin Hi, To reset your KN5000, With the power turned off press and hold the first 3 Rhythm buttons on the bottom row (March/Waltz, Party Time, and Showtime/Trad Dance) and turn the power on. This will reset to factory settings.
Regards John.

Bonjour, Pour réinitialiser votre KN5000, appuyez sur les 3 premiers boutons de rythme de la rangée inférieure (March / Waltz, Party Time et Showtime / Trad Dance), puis maintenez-les enfoncés, puis allumez-le. Cela réinitialisera les réglages d'usine. Cordialement John.
Posted on January 28, 2019 at 4:00 PM
admin je crois qu il faudrait réinitialiser mon kn 5000 mais comment faire
j ai des bug : une note qui se bloque et quand j'eteind et j allume 2 fois tout rentre dans l ordre
tout se fige quand je veux rentrer une note a un endroit spécifique
des fois il me dit mémoire saturé alors que rien est enregistré
voila les symptôme si vous avez une solution merci d'avance
Posted on January 26, 2019 at 10:28 AM
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