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[VIP] Cool Sounds SD

SD Card Files for KN7000 & KN2600.


Cool Sounds Series SD

187 great Sounds for SD Card converted from the KN1400's onboard Sounds by jd5live.

Most of these Sounds are just subtly different to the KN7000 and KN2600 onboard Sounds.

I especially like some of the Strings, Vocals and Electric Pianos. Organ Sounds are quite different too, sharper and louder in the mix.

Then there are a few Sounds that are very different from KN7000 or KN2600!

The Sounds load into the Sound Memory button of your instrument.

01 - Memory - 40 Sounds
02 - Piano - 20 Sounds
03 - Guitar - 26 Sounds
04 - Strings & Vocals - 20 Sounds
05 - Brass - 19 Sounds
06 - Mallet & Percussion - 25 Sounds
07 - Organ & Accordion - 19 Sounds
08 - Woodwind - 29 Sounds
09 - Synth 1 - 40 Sounds
10 - Synth 2 - 10 Sounds
11 - GM and Special - 16 Sounds
12 - Bass - 23 Sounds

Version 01 - 31st July 2015

  • 187 Sounds, (includes 187 Home Pages when loaded on KN7000)

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derrick Hello derrick here, I would like to first wish you all a verry happy christmas and a happy new year and say how much I have enjoyed being a member.
The one thing I am a little disapointed with is that I have a GA3 organ and there is a gap for downloads, re like
Cool sounds, new setting that I might try.
I have some downloads of styles ect that do not work on my Ga3 keep wondering what I am doing wrong as they will play on the computer but not on the organ.
I will keep trying and fingers crossed I might get there on day.
best wishes to all derrick.
Posted on December 21, 2016 at 3:35 PM
jd5live Hi Derrick, Happy Christmas to you. I have been having a thought regarding the problem you are having when transferring the GA styles from computer to disk for the organ, You know when you Un Zip the download, you find a number of folders. you need to select a folder then open it, inside you will find a list of titles with the file extension ".cmp " These will then load into the GA, Unfortunately when converting these styles we ca only create the style and not the setting for the organs, one drawback is that Mike and I don't have access to a warehouse full of instruments on which to produce registrations for organs and the other products. When we win the lotto !!!!!! we can dream, on a more serious note,we have a limited access to the top of each of the Keyboard range but I hope to be able to supply some more styles that will be available for GA early in the New Year I will let you kow when
Best Regards John.
Posted on December 22, 2016 at 12:07 AM
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