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Technics Originals Styles for VIPs


Technics Originals Style Series

ORIGINALS LIST WITH TEMPOS.pngThe Styles in this Series were created by Technics' Programmers and are absolutely superb on all models!

Disk 01 originates from the factory Styles disk provided free in the box with all KN1600 and KN1400 keyboards.

Each Style has two beautiful intros and endings (on keyboards that support two) along with the following great attributes:

KN7000 & Compatibles Version


  • 10 incredible Styles with 4 Variations, Intros, Endings and Fill-Ins
  • 8 Panel Memories (giving you 80 new finely-tuned registrations in total!)
  • 40 Excellent New Sounds (in Sound Memory). Repeated in each Style, these Sounds are gorgeous conversions from KN1600, completely new to KN7000 and compatibles!

I've added the following:

  • Home Pages
  • Split Point Settings
  • Current Panel Settings
  • Performance Pads set into Panel Memories

Other Models


The Styles for all other models include sub-sets of the above. And they sound great on all models because they were originally created by Technics.

Future releases will include enhanced versions for KN6000, KN5000 and KN3000 (& compatibles)

Disk 01

Version 1 - January 2016

01 - It’s Showtime
02 - Live Rock
03 - U.S. 2/4 March
04 - Simple 16 Beat
05 - Orchestral Waltz
06 - Fast Big Band
07 - Modern Ballad
08 - Bossa Nova
09 - Organ Samba
10 - Americana

Hidden Content Below Available to logged in VIP Members.

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ORIGINALS List with Contents and Tempos - PDF File

KN7000 KN2600 SD Card Versions

KN7000 KN2600 KN2400 PR804 PR604 PR54

KN7000 KN2600

KN6500 KN6000 KN1600 KN1400 PR902 PR702 PR602

PR903 PR703 PR603

KN5000 KN3500 KN3000 KN1500 KN930 KN920 PR53 PR52 PR51 PR900-500

GA3 GA1 EA5 EA3 EA1 G100 F100

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jacquesrico comment télécharger le midi style
merci de la réponse
musicalement votre
Posted on April 06, 2016 at 11:53 AM
admin Salut Jacques,

Pour télécharger les fichiers midi dans la zone Membres:

Assurez-vous que vous êtes connecté. Le lien de connexion est en haut à droite de chaque page.

Maintenant, vous serez en mesure de voir les liens pour télécharger les midis.

Après le téléchargement, vous pouvez copier des disquettes à utiliser sur vos claviers.

Meilleurs voeux,


Hi Jacques,

To download the midi files in the Members Area:

Make sure that you are logged in. The login link is at the top right of every page.

Now you will be able to see the links to download the midis.

After downloading, you can copy to floppy disks to use on your keyboards.

Best wishes,
Posted on April 08, 2016 at 9:43 AM
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