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[VIP] Specials

Special Extra Features for VIPs

VIP Style - I Can See Clearly Now


This great Style lets you play the tune of 'I Can See Clearly Now'.

It includes playing instructions you can print out, full registrations in Panel Memories including Performance Pads settings and a Current Panel file so that you're ready to play as soon as you Load.

This Style will be further improved in due course, let us know what you think of it.

And let us know what Genres or song-specific content you would like in the Forums - Your Favourites Forum

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Versions for all other models will be added later tonight, please check back very shortly!


EW01NX Pop Production Demo Disk

This Disk contains the Factory Demos for the Pop Production Wave Expansion Board.

You need the board installed in your KN7000 or KN6000 for it to play correctly.



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KN1600 Style Convert Disk

This Disk enables KN1600 owners to convert Styles from contemporary keyboards made by GEM, Korg and Roland.



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Technics in Concert

TECHNICS_IN_CONCERT.pngThis 1987 special out-of-print book features sequencer data and arrangements by famous Technics names.

Fantastic double-staff arrangements with chords, suitable for keyboard players, pianists and organists.

Carefully scanned and cleaned for you to print at the very best quality.

The original was accompanied by a floppy disk for the Technics organs of the time. Sadly this data is probably irretrievable (but I'm working on it!).

Still, these are wonderful arrangements that you're sure to enjoy.

  • They Can't Take That Away From Me
  • It's De-Lovely
  • Just In Time
  • A Foggy Day
  • Song From M*A*S*H*
  • How Deep Is Your Love
  • The Exodus Song

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A Technics Christmas

TECHNICS_KEYBOARD_CHRISTMAS.pngThis superb out-of-print book for Technics instruments (again from 1987) has some wonderful Christmas melodies, graded from Pre-School, through Intermediate and Advanced.

Surely a Christmas Compendium for Everyone! And one that you will use for learning and pleasure for years to come.

As ever, I've very carefully processed the images to bring you the best available print quality, at 1200dpi.

All margins are removed so that you'll get the biggest results that your printer can achieve.

Separate downloads are available for the Covers and the Main Pages. You can skip the covers if you want to save on ink as they are simply pictures.

'the best fun you'll have this year without your Xmas stockings on'

Loads of classic Christmas tunes for you to play during the Holiday Season.

Have fun, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Whether you're a VIP Member who needs help with any of the files on the websites, or you're a Free Member who wants to enquire about VIP Membership, you can post in the VIP Forum.

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