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Technics Keyboard Manuals, Styles, Sounds and MIDIs

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Instrument Definitions for Cakewalk and Sonar

Technics Instrument Definitions for Cakewalk and Sonar
Technics GX7, GX5 & GX3 User Manual
Technics GX7, ...
Operating Instructi...
By Technics GX7 Tech...
Photo book
Technics KN800 & KN600 User Manual
Technics KN800...
Operating Instructi...
By Technics KN800 &a...
Photo book
The Magazine for Te...
By Technics Keyboard...
Photo book

Printed Manuals - NEW

We are now able to offer printed manuals.

Manuals are professionally printed and you can preview them before purchasing.

If you would like a printed Manual that is not listed yet - Contact Us

Available Printed Manuals:

TECHNICS-E66-USER_MANUAL.jpgTechnics E66 & E55 User Manual

Operating Instructions for the Technics sx-E66 & sx-E55 Organs.

The Natural Realism of PCM Bass, Solo Synthesizer and Drum Percussion.

The technological miracle of PCM digital recording gives you real instrument sounds.

Unique “Performetric” digital operation system provides easy access to self-illuminated controls on a stylish console.

Set complete registrations and recall them instantly as desired.

This User Manual for Technics E66 and Technics E55 organs contains comprehensive instructions to help you get the most from your instrument.

Enhanced with additional pages including assembly instructions, onboard computer settings and sales information.

TECHNICS_KN800_USER_MANUAL.jpgTechnics KN800 & KN600 User Manual

Operating Instructions for the Technics sx-KN800 & sx-KN600 Keyboards

The KN800's digitally-stored computer chips create sounds so lifelike you'd probably think you had the actual instrument in front of you.

What's more, the SX-KN800 eatures over 32 true to life intrumental sounds, an 8 track sequencer with flexible edit functions and a 16-bit computer memory with optional disk storage.

What's equally ingenious about the KN800 is the fact that you don't have to be a genius to play it because at the touch of a button you'll have a world of instruments and a wide variety of rhythm accompaniments to choose from as well.

This User Manual for the Technics KN800 & KN600 keyboards is a full set of Operating Instructions covering all aspects of their features. The User Manual includes Volumes 1, 2 & 3 and the Reference Guide (Blue Book) as well as extra hints, tips and items of interest. 116 Pages.


KN7000 User Manual.jpg  KN2600 User Manual.jpg



Getting the most from your Technics keyboard

An Advanced Guide for KN7000, KN6500, KN6000, KN2600, KN2400, PR804, PR604, PR54, PR903, PR703 & PR603

Includes Phil Leader's original Foreword.

Detailed explanations, tips and hints for hundreds of instrument features

Full Colour, professionally bound digital printing. Over 90 pages

Special Members Area with hundreds of Styles, Free Software, Special Offers and additional information

Read about the first in our series of books for Technics keyboards - COMING SOON



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