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Technics KN6000 Files: Compatible with KN6500 PR603 PR703 PR903. Your instrument can also load files from KN3000 onwards, so check out those pages too!

KN6500 Manuals

Download Technics KN6500 User Manual.

Download Technics KN6000 Reference Guide

Download Technics KN6000 Service Manual. This manual is included here because KN6500 is very similar to KN6000.

Download Technics KN6000 HD-SX3 User Manual.

Download Technics KN6000 HD-SX6 User Manual.

KN6500 Software

Download Technics KN6000 Style Convert Disk. Works on KN6500 - Add the files from within the zip onto a floppy disk and then use the Style Convert feature on your keyboard.

The Magazine for Te...
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Photo book

TECHPLUS Technics Keyboards Magazine

Techplus magazine is an incredible resource for information about Technics instruments.

Contents include reviews, articles and very detailed workshops to help owners to use their instrument to the full.

Each reprint edition contains the entire contents of one year's publications, six magazines combined into one book. We've organised it this way to save on postage and setup costs (publishing the six magazines individually would double the price to you).

These ‘reboot’ editions include the complete contents of the original magazines and are brought to you by ‘Strawberry Music’ and ‘’.



Getting the most from your Technics keyboard

An Advanced Guide for KN7000, KN6500, KN6000, KN2600, KN2400, PR804, PR604, PR54, PR903, PR703 & PR603

Includes Phil Leader's original Foreword.

Detailed explanations, tips and hints for hundreds of instrument features

Full Colour, professionally bound digital printing. Over 90 pages

Special Members Area with hundreds of Styles, Free Software, Special Offers and additional information

Read about the first in our series of books for Technics keyboards - COMING SOON